Our Staff

Our Minister:

Rev. Lena Medeiros, Supply/Transition Minister

Lena is curious about many things, particularly about how love and grace intersect and shape our lives in ways that only the Spirit can orchestrate. She has a fondness for words and their nuance, and for the Word and it’s meaning for us today. Lena’s ministry involves walking alongside a faith community, helping them develop a deeper relationship with God. She can most often be found seeking God in the ordinary moments of everyday life – cooking, rearranging the furniture (at home and at the church), and making a soothing cup of tea.

Our Music Director: Melvin Hurst

Humbercrest invited me to come as their Director of Music in 2004 after a twenty-three year tenure at Kingsway Baptist Church. And suddenly, I am going into my sixteenth year in this faith community!

My academic preparation includes an  A.R.C.T. (Associate Diploma with the Royal Conservatory) in piano, a B.Ed. with Distinction (University of Sask.) and M.Mus. (University of Oregon, USA) in choral literature. This graduate degree included studies in Ludwigsburg, Germany. Our lives are enriched by time spent in another country. This was particularly true for me, as I had the good fortune to study with outstanding German musicians, notably Helmut Rilling, a scholar in the music of J.S.Bach.

The congregation at HUC values the role of the Music Ministry, and it is a joy to work with our semi-professional choir. We offer a wide variety of repertoire, engaging professional musicians when needed. The three manual Casavant organ and Steinway concert grand piano are both a real asset to the music program.
Helping a congregation find their voice in a sacred space is a very enriching personal experience.

Visit Mel’s website www.melhurst.ca

Child & Youth Coordinator

Check back on this page for an update.

Our Office Administrator: Chris Higgins

In 2021, Chris Higgins retired from the Toronto District School Board, after 29 years as a teacher, and began writing a book about the Humber River called, “Riverstoryz.” Besides writing, he enjoys hiking, cycling, producing digital content, eclectic music and foods of the world. He and his family live in the neighbourhood. In the summer of 2022, Chris joined Humbercrest United Church, where he is feels right at home in a community of welcoming, forward-looking people, and in the midst of so much architectural, musical and artistic beauty.

Our Evening Custodian: Besnik Gjunkshi

Besnik Gjunkshi is our very reliable and friendly evening custodian. Four evenings a week he can be found either monitoring the East Door or taking care of the grounds. Besnik and his wife own the wonderful Europasta, which provides catering to many Humbercrest events.

Our Cleaner: Felix Kelon

Felix Kelon is thorough and accommodating. Things are looking spic and span around Humbercrest!