Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not a member of the United Church of Canada. Can I still attend worship?2022-10-04T14:44:04-04:00

As an inclusive church, all who seek a closer relationship with God are welcome.  Our minister, the Reverend Lena Medeiros, preaches every Sunday morning. Rev. Lena strives to connect the ancient stories of Scripture to our modern world, exploring themes such as compassion, community, grace, love, stewardship and hope through a modern, urban lens.

Can I have my child (or myself) baptized at Humbercrest or offsite?2019-06-13T16:35:38-04:00

Baptisms are a public profession of our faith and a sacrament in our faith.  All baptisms take place during our Sunday morning worship service. If you are interested in taking this next step on your faith journey please come to worship and speak to Reverend Jessica after the service.  She will be happy to meet with you to explore your faith journey further and set a date for this sacred celebration.

What should I wear to worship?2019-06-27T11:16:26-04:00

Wear whatever you are comfortable wearing.

Where do I park?2019-06-13T16:35:12-04:00

The church is bounded by Baby Point Road and Thornhill Avenue.  Street parking is available on both streets. Additionally, there is a designated drop off/loading zone for disabled persons on Thornhill Avenue, right beside the church.

Can I join the choir?2019-06-13T16:35:02-04:00

If you love singing and are interested in choir please speak to our music director Mel Hurst.  You are most welcome to attend a rehearsal on Thursday evenings at 7:30p, in the West Hall and see if choir is for you!   You might like to visit the Music section of this website where there is more information regarding our repertoire and audio clips of our choir.

Is the church accessible?2019-07-17T14:45:28-04:00

Our church and a majority of its spaces are accessible to wheelchairs, walkers, strollers and support animals.  We offer hearing assistive devices that connect wirelessly to the sound system in the Sanctuary and we have large print Bibles and worship bulletins for people with visual challenges.

Do you have a children’s program?2022-10-04T14:12:47-04:00

We are currently seeking a new coordinator for our Sunday school program, to help guide your children through age appropriate lessons and activities that support God’s vision for a peaceful, just and loving world. Look for an update here.

Can I book my wedding at the church?2019-06-13T16:34:31-04:00

Congratulations!  Our wedding coordinator will be onsite on the day of your wedding to make your wedding ceremony as special as you and your partner are.  Review the fees schedule in our Weddings section and check our calendar to see if your date is available. Please contact our office administrator for more information and to book the Sanctuary.

If I rent space in the church can I serve alcohol at my event?2019-06-13T16:34:20-04:00

You are welcome to serve wine and beer products during your booked event in the Heritage Hall or in the Friendship Room.  Some pre-planning is required. In advance of your event, you must obtain a Special Occasion Permit through the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO).  During your event a Smart Serve certified person must serve the alcohol and monitor your guests’ consumption.

Can I prepare food in your kitchen for my event?2019-07-08T09:59:50-04:00

We have a large kitchen for you work in!  Our kitchens are available for preparing and serving hot and cold beverages.  Cooking and baking are not permitted but you are welcome to bring in precooked food. Our large kitchen offers spacious counters, dual sink stations, and a large “pass through” into the East Hall.  A smaller kitchen equipped with a stove, refrigerator, microwave, double sink and kettles is conveniently located near the Heritage Hall (large events) and the Friendship Room (smaller events).

Do you offer event catering?2019-06-13T16:33:36-04:00

While we do not cater events, our facilities are a caterer’s dream.  The upstairs kitchen and adjoining library are convenient staging areas for catering Heritage Hall and Friendship Room events. The downstairs large kitchen is connected to the East Hall.  We can provide recommendations for caterers who have been used by other clients and who are familiar with our space. All our spaces (except the stage) are fully accessible by elevator.

Is Wi-Fi available in the church?2019-06-27T11:17:42-04:00

The church is equipped with reliable Internet service and Wi-Fi is widely available throughout the church.

Thank-you to all for your generous support for our now completed Fund the Furnace campaign. With the help of many caring individuals including members of our congregation and extended friends and neighbours, we have met our target goal of $100,000

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