Our Sunday School

Sunday School at Humbercrest takes place during the church
service. Children are asked to sit with their parents until Rev.
Jessica indicates it is time for Sunday School, at which point they go
downstairs with Meredith. Sunday School is held in the West Hall,
which is located directly under the sanctuary. Our curriculum
mirrors the Revised Common Lectionary, and uses resources from
the Seasons of the Spirit publication. The typical weekly routine

• Gathering time on the carpet.
• Bible story reading, followed by a reflection and discussion.
• Crafts or activities which relate to the story.
• Toss and talk ball game which reinforces main ideas.

Newcomers are always welcome! If your child is new to Sunday
School, parents are invited to come down and join us for the first

With a different group of children and youth each week, our Sunday
School program is flexibly adapted to suit the needs of whoever
attends on a given Sunday. Our lessons are interactive and informal,
with lots of group discussions. As a group, we discuss what can be
learned from our weekly bible story, and how our Sunday Schoolers
can practically apply these teachings to their day-to-day lives. We
follow our discussion with fun, lesson-related crafts and games,
where we touch base about our past week and share our thoughts.

Our Sunday School is an open, safe space where children and youth
can explore and express their ideas about what it looks like to live
with faith.