Our Worship Services

Online Worship

In addition to in-person services, we also live-stream via our Youtube channel and welcome everyone to join us. Please use the link on our Home page under Sunday Morning Worship on Zoom, thank you.

A selection of recorded sermons and music excerpts can also be found here on our Youtube channel.


For more information on Baptism contact at minister@Humbercrest.ca

Read About Baptism at Humbercrest

Blessing of the Pets Service

This special service provides an opportunity for pet owners (past or present) to bring in their pets (or pictures) to receive a blessing.  Join us for this very special service.


Blessing of the Bikes Service

Please bring your bike this Sunday!  Or if your little ones are too little to ride to the church - if the distance is too far - bring your bike helmet!  Immediately following the worship in the sanctuary we will meet at the bike rack for the blessing.


Chapel Services

At special times of the year, services are held in the smaller chapel area that is part of our sanctuary.  This provides the opportunity for a more intimate service.  For example Ash Wednesday and early in December.


Guide and Scout Service

Generally the 3rd Sunday in February.  The Guide and Scout groups currently using our church during the week share in a celebration of the church's ongoing support of these groups.


Holy Communion

The sacrament of Holy Communion is celebrated approximately every six weeks. The act of Communion is by the ancient method of "Intinction", where you take a piece of bread, dip it into the cup and then eat it.  It involves walking up the centre aisle to a station at the front of the sanctuary and afterwards, proceeding back to your seat.