16 Baby Point Road Toronto ON M6S 2E9
Sunday Services 10:20 am
Sun, Feb 25th - 10:20am
Lent 2
Sun, Mar 4th - 10:20am
Sun, Mar 11th - 10:20am
Sun, Mar 18th - 10:20am
Lent 5
Sat, Mar 24th - 5:30pm
Broadway Trivia & Desserts
Fri, Mar 30th - 11:00am
Good Friday Service
Sun, Apr 1st - 10:20am

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HumbercrestUC May you have a reflective Ash Wednesday and a happy Valentines Day! I’ll be at the chapel 7 pm… https://t.co/lRMrFeoXxe
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Lent & Easter

Regular Sunday worship:  10:20 am

Ash Wednesday Chapel, February 14 7pm

Good Friday worship, March 30: 11 am

Easter worship, April 1: 10:20 am 


Throughout these Lenten days and nights

We turn to walk the inward way,

Where meeting Christ,

Our guide and light,

We live in hope ‘til Easter Day.


After indulging in a feast of pancakes and sausage on Mardi Gras (Strove Tuesday – February 13) our season of Lent begin with Ash Wednesday (February 14).  What a wonderful coincidence that the season of Lent, a time of repentance and turning back to God starts on Valentine’s Day.  As we receive the ashes that remind us of our frailty and mortality, we do so on a day that celebrates love.  We do so reminded that we are held in the great love of God.

 However you choose to prepare for the coming of Easter during the 40 days of Lent, whether by fasting, through prayer, study, outreach or worship, we hope that you will find this a time of growth and reflection that brings deeper meaning to your spiritual journey and helps you feel the pulse of new life and new hope coming alive within you.  May this be a day-by-day, step-by-step journey to help you open up to God’s love for you, and open up your love for others.

 Join us this Lent, and walk with us on the path to fuller life.  All are welcome!


Rev. Jessica



Mission Statement

A welcoming and inclusive church; we walk with Christ through changing times with faith and hope.