16 Baby Point Road Toronto ON M6S 2E9
Sunday Services 10:20 am
Wed, Dec 7th - 7:00pm
Advent Study Group
Wed, Dec 7th - 7:15pm
Scottish County Dancing
Sun, Dec 11th - 10:20am
Sunday Worship - Advent 3
Wed, Dec 14th - 7:00pm
Advent Study Group
Fri, Dec 16th - 10:00am
"Just for Men"
Sun, Dec 18th - 10:20am
Sunday Worship - Advent 4
Sat, Dec 24th - 5:00pm
A Very Instant Christmas Pageant - 5pm Service
Sat, Dec 24th - 9:00pm
Candlelight / Communion Service
Sun, Dec 25th - 10:30am
Christmas Morning Worship - 10:30am
Sun, Jan 1st - 10:20am
Sunday Worship

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HumbercrestUC After a harrowing rescue effort, the magi were grateful to stumble upon a cup of joe, poured out for them. https://t.co/ZY0ChOGvA3
HumbercrestUC @SiloamUnited Thank you! And thanks for following along! - Jessica @HumbercrestUC
HumbercrestUC In his excitement Gaspar tripped on his robe and fell in a pit, leaving the others regretting their pledge of "no m… https://t.co/WUoHgz76bB
HumbercrestUC As they entered this strange new land the magi pondered the unusual flora around them. https://t.co/kIR8ctWrGk
HumbercrestUC RT @ploriggio: My foster dog ran away hours after being adopted. Bloor/Dundas area. Please keep an eye out, she's very friendly! #lostdog #…
HumbercrestUC RT @wpgpres: Trans Mountain Pipeline Decision: United Church Response https://t.co/VmHdhRGHtz https://t.co/uLA976KiXf
HumbercrestUC RT @TheCurrentCBC: Elderly women seek official apology from Japan for being used as sexual slaves in WWII LISTEN: https://t.co/O3Yoc9QAzS
HumbercrestUC Faced with a new obstacle, Melchior believes the simplest solution is usually the best, so he knocks. https://t.co/9Qz8EHIHNQ
HumbercrestUC The Magi remember wise eastern scholar saying the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. They didn't kno… https://t.co/deOlfUm6P3
HumbercrestUC With the star in sight the magi continue their journey ... wishing they'd brought provisions. And a camel. https://t.co/BWY1ziK9kA

Join Us this Advent & Christmas Season

Worship times:

Sundays – 10:30 am

Christmas Eve – 5 pm Instant Pageant, all ages 

Christmas Eve - 9 pm candlelight communion

Christmas Morning – 10:30am

Isn’t it time to welcome something new?

Advent is a time of preparation, to find light amidst the shadows of our world. It is a time to open ourselves to the possibility of real change, knowing that God wants to come to us in new and fresh ways, and it is a time to welcome that change.  It is a time to remind ourselves that things can be different - hope and love can transform our world, and ourselves.
We hope this Advent season will be a time filled with the gifts of the season and that hope, joy, peace and love will enter your heart and your home in new and expected ways.
Blessings,  Rev. Jessica


Mission Statement

A welcoming and inclusive church; we walk with Christ through changing times with faith and hope.