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"Just for Men"
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Planet Matters

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HumbercrestUC Prayers tonight for the Dene people and community of La Loche Saskatchewan.
HumbercrestUC MISSING PERSON ALERT: 28 year old Nat Halford. If you see him, please call Toronto Police at 416-808-2222. https://t.co/NKwG4jqmLL
HumbercrestUC We are holding the family of Naomi Cross in our prayers as we mourn her death and prepare to celebrate her life.
HumbercrestUC Thanks to everyone who volunteered time and talent for our intergenerational service today. What a great celebration!
HumbercrestUC @SKrynitzki We Are so happy to have our new Syrian friends here. Two more will be arriving soon too we hope!
HumbercrestUC Welcome to Canada! They have arrived! Thank you everyone for your support for our refugee sponsorship program. https://t.co/CFhoi5jOiW
HumbercrestUC Dalia and Christian have landed! A friend who works at the airport is with them now. Thanks be to God! We pick them up in the morning.
HumbercrestUC Two of the 4 Syrians we are sponsoring are en route to Toronto tonight! We can't wait to welcome them! 🇨🇦 https://t.co/YLwIqB7O4g
HumbercrestUC What a blessing it was today to reconnect with two community friends while walking by the river! Made my day 😊 #communityconnections


I have given you a name, it is mine;
I have given you my Spirit as a sign.
With my wonder in your soul, make my wounded children whole;
go and tell my precious people they are mine.
     - I Have Called You by Your Name  MV 161

Now that we have recommitted ourselves to welcoming Christ into our hearts, how will we respond with our lives, in our actions and our relationships? How will we live the Gospel message?

This year the call to respond and to share hope and peace seems particularly urgent.  The world is facing great political instability and the largest humanitarian crisis in recent memory, with so many refugees seeking to find safe haven.  Here are Humbercrest we look forward to welcoming our Syrian friends Dana, Dalia, Christian and Mary, any day now! 

 The problems facing our world can seem overwhelming at times, but as the days grow slowly longer, as spring makes its inevitable return we are reminded that every bit of love we show, every action we make toward right relationship with our environment and our neighbours will bring light to a world too often clouded with sadness and injustice.

Whether you are needing more hope in your life, or you are feeling like you need to take action to help bring more hope into this world, we hope that you will consider visiting us here at Humbercrest United. 

There is a light shining in the darkness.


Mission Statement

A welcoming and inclusive church; we walk with Christ through changing times with faith and hope.