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HumbercrestUC A beautiful Christian Family Sunday, complete with baptism and beautiful music! https://t.co/YKswUUPxaP
HumbercrestUC In Search of Green Pastures and Still Waters – Ps. 23, John 10:11-18 https://t.co/2EOEqL8TY9 https://t.co/6Ja1PXk6OQ
HumbercrestUC We have delicious sweets! And lots of treasures. Come out to our Spring Sale this morning 16 Baby Point Road! https://t.co/jcUQjQfpVJ
HumbercrestUC Had a bit of wind damage but our famous Spring Sale is still a gofor tomorrow 8:30 am - 12:30pm! Hotdog BBQ will be… https://t.co/bru5VhYa9y
HumbercrestUC Many thanks to our friends at Masters Plumbing who fixed our plugged toilet in the accessible washroom, before our… https://t.co/F8MXNR5OCf
HumbercrestUC Join us this Sunday as we come together to worship, to begin to heal, and to remember we are not alone, even when a… https://t.co/COUNGQEVQl
HumbercrestUC Thank you Susan and Scott for all of our beautiful flowers for Earth Day! Happy Spring! https://t.co/6yLmp94Wvb
HumbercrestUC RT @TorontoConferen: The lights are dimmed, but not out. We the people of Toronto Conference of The United Church of Canada will hold the l…

Easter and New Life!

Weekly Audio Sermons


Here in the church our celebration of new life, Easter, coincides with the new life taking hold all around us in creation. And it can not come soon enough!  After a long, hard winter it seems that everyone is in need of the newness and life giving warmth of Spring.  No matter how you embrace the story of Easter morning, whether it be as a literal reminder of God’s work in our lives, or as a truth-filled metaphor of the cycle of struggle and rebirth that we each experience at many different points in our life, there is place for you in our celebration and our joy throughout the Easter season.

I look forward to celebrating this special time in our church year with you, and experiencing with you the joy of God’s transformative work in our lives and our community, as we continue to travel together through the coming year!

Through our fear,

through our doubt,

through our confusion

may we continue Jesus’ work

as we travel many roads,

liberated and united

by the love of the resurrected one.



Rev. Jessica

Mission Statement

A welcoming and inclusive church; we walk with Christ through changing times with faith and hope.